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Los Angeles Animal Attack Attorney

Competent, Compassionate Animal Attack Lawyers

Animal attacks number in the millions in the United States annually. While dogs remain America's most beloved pet, interest in, and availability of, exotic wild animals as pets increases each year. These animals, while intriguing and entertaining, are yet wild, untamed creatures. Confined in homes and backyards they cannot perform their natural behaviors. Circuses and zoos, too, are poor substitutes for their natural environment. According to Born Free USA's Exotic Animal Incidents Database, many wild and exotic animals kept in captivity literally go insane from psychological and physical deprivation, placing humans as well as other animals at risk of injury, disfigurement, disease and death.

A few incidents in California involving exotic "pets":

  • A "pet" spider monkey escaped from his home and bit an Animal Control Officer.
  • Sima, a 150-lb tiger, lunged and grabbed a 6-year old boy's head in her jaws. The boy's head wounds required 55 stitches.
  • A "pet" chimp, Moe, went on a 3-hour rampage, biting four people. One required surgery.
  • A man's "pet" Burmese python escaped his cage and then killed and devoured the man's 30-lb pit-bull puppy.

Animal attacks are catastrophic incidents with severe physical, emotional and financial consequences. If you have suffered an animal attack or if a loved one has been injured or died from an attack, it is vital to consult a Los Angeles injury attorney. The Lagstein Law Firm will help you pursue your full rights of recovery for any injury or death caused by an exotic "pet" or captive animal attack.

What can a Los Angeles animal attack lawyer do for you?

Animal attack laws in Los Angeles hold an owner of any domesticated animal, exotic "pet" or captive exotic animal strictly liable for the injuries or death caused by their animal. Wild animals kept as "pets" also can pose safety and health risks to anyone coming into contact with them. Children and adults have been mauled, bitten, asphyxiated and exposed to dangerous diseases when domesticated and exotic "pets" have escaped. Captive exotic animals in circuses and in zoos pose an equal threat of injury and death. Strict liability translates to any owner, custodian or keeper of any animal with only three exceptions. Mr. Lagstein will fight for your claim against a negligent animal owner and hold them accountable for injury, disease or death caused by their animal either in an insurance claim or through litigation in court.

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