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Catastrophic Injury Cases

Filing Claims for Serious and Life-Altering Injuries

Have you been wrongfully injured? If so, you need high-quality legal assistance to ensure that you are receiving the maximum compensation that you deserve. Lagstein Law Firm is composed of trial lawyers who are dedicated, compassionate and fearless. They are entirely dedicated to ensuring that their clients receive the high-quality assistance that they deserve. If you have suffered an accident that resulted in a catastrophic injury, then you are likely already aware of the financial stress that you will be feeling from such an incident. Not only are immediate medical bills an issue, but there is also concern regarding the ongoing treatment and therapy that will be required to help you continue with a healthy and fulfilling life. When facing such a situation, you should consult with a Los Angeles injury lawyer from the firm.

Lagstein Law Firm can help with the following:

Birth Injuries
Although anticipated to be a joyous occasion, when medical professionals do not uphold their duty of care to patients, it can go severely wrong. When medical professionals do not spot symptoms quickly enough, do not act or simply act negligently, it can result in injury to both child and mother. Our firm can help.

Brain Injuries
Damage to the brain is one of the most severe situations that you can ever experience. As the body's most important organ and the cornerstone of almost all functioning, when an accident or negligent behavior results in a brain injury, it can leave a victim forever altered.

Broken Bones
Fractured and broken bones are not only painful, they can leave a victim with lengthy healing process. When the broken bone is a major area – such as a collarbone, leg, pelvis or other, it can leave a victim unable to work while healing and with considerable difficulty with mobility.

Burn Injuries
Exposure to heat, as well as chemicals, can result in burns. These are both painful and psychologically damaging, depending on the degree and amount of damage done, it may leave permanent scarring. Our firm can help seek compensation for both tangible and non-tangible damage.

Spinal Injuries
When the spinal cord suffers injury—no matter whether from being wrenched in the wrong direction, placed under too much pressure or otherwise torn, bruised or crushed—it is nothing less than catastrophic. Our firm is dedicated to representing these victims & helping them seek just compensation.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in LA

If you or someone that you care about has suffered from a catastrophic injury, then it is highly encouraged that you contact Lagstein Law Firm as soon as possible. With extensive experience, they can help you to pursue a claim and seek just compensation. Call for your free case evaluation: 888-427-6139.

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