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Adding Insult To Injury: When Someone Causes A Car Accident And Then Blames The Victim

If you are careless or negligent and cause a car accident, then you should own up to what happened and take responsibility. Do not lie to try to save your skin. Simple enough, right? Unfortunately, I can't tell you how many times I have taken on cases caused by car accidents, where my clients were rear-ended because the driver behind them was careless, the driver admitted fault at the scene, but when my clients asked for compensation for their injuries, the driver changed his story around completely. I currently have a case where I represent two lovely people who were rear-ended by a careless driver, and they each suffered a personal injury as a result. The driver admitted liability at the scene and tried to pay my clients off. They refused and wanted to resolve their case through the proper channels. The case was simple enough; I assumed that the negligent driver would admit liability and do the right thing. Regretably, this did not happen. The driver lied and said that my clients actually backed up into his car. Unreal. Because he lied and refused to take responsibility, my clients were forced to find an attorney to set things right. Please contact the Los Angeles car accident attorneys at the Lagstein Law Firm if you were injured by someone who refuses to take responsibility for what he or she did.

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